Approved Contractor
Approved Contractor

PJI Security Ltd


No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment.
In the context of several security challenges that we currently face, the key to reducing risks and preventing losses lies in being aware, alert and prepared at all times.
Your business or company may be small or large. It may be located in an urban setting or rural environs. Your business operations may involve activities that are more or less hazardous. Your surrounding external environment may pose potentially small or greater risks to your personnel and property.
Regardless of all these variables, you have to ensure business continuity under all conditions. You need to secure your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling access to them. Choosing to hire licensed security guards or static guards isn’t an option, it’s the Law.
The security company you choose must be professional and offer highly trained and certified guards or static guards capable of providing you with the level of security and protection that suits your business and operations and matches the risk potential.
P J I  Security Ltd has over 20 years of experience in supplying professional security guards and static guards and can offer your business the best level of protection and world class static guarding services to meet your specialised security needs.